Sense Net is not an entirely alien name in the world of web solutions. It has been quite some time that we have been entangled with this challenging domain with the pledge of catering uncompromising standards.Sense Net has got the proud bond with Kharagpur IIT as technology partner.Since inception we have specialized in 3D simulation,embedded systems as well as customized solutions like software development. We have always been praised as a market leading organization catering streamlined solutions like NLP or natural language processing, 3D based industrial simulation, FPGA design as well as verification, hardware as well as networking. We take humble pride in the fact that our lead development team works simultaneously from Boston as well as India.


In spite of starting from local backdrop we do have the burning desire and zeal deep in our heart to establish a very strong foothold globally. This is the most crucial motto that keeps us driving in whatever we do. We started our journey with
the lofty goal of turning out to be the most respected name in the domain of web solution providing entities. With years of hard work and sincere services we are close to what we have opted for though we believe that there is more to achieve.


Developing a world class and client centric web solution is the highest motto that we have right at the moment.We are geared up to work hard on various niche and multitudinous industry verticals. The applications conceptualized by our tech savvy pros will serve
as best of the breed innovative and out of the box solutions meant for diversified fields. The entire team of Sensenet would be more than eager to achieve lofty laurels in the periphery of turnkey projects.
At the same time the whole teams is dedicated to beget perfection in EPGA design solutions as well as AI services. Providing our clients with mesmerizing excellence, quality assurance as well as all kinds of tech support is of great importance to all
of us here at Sensenet.

We not only seek to be a key player in our respective field but actually intend to become the key influencer in the domains of all our clients. The basic purpose is to
cater influential solutions which will rope in meaningful difference and a positive status for all our revered and valuable clients.We make it sure to line up the most
influential and holistic spectrum of web and IT solutions. It is our priority to make these streamlined services available for both big corporate giants as well as SMEs.
While engrossed in a project it would be 100% dedication, honesty as well as client satisfaction which are the major aspects of consideration for all of us.

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