In: Search groping Here are our first geometric constructions of the year. We follow a building program. cm2 the 2012-2013 7 comments
4 Results Discovery corrugated For Preschool Rainbow sky 11/21/15 – 0:32 In Creation, Expressive Arts> Music and Hello, we made the graphics on corrugated cardboard.

Maiwenn rubbed with his hat. It had a nice sound! Below improvisation Kadia Maxence and Lina, with strips of corrugated cardboard glued on paper. Means Houdan 2015-2016 1 comment 2 attachments xylophone, guitar and boxes For Preschool Rainbow sky 21/11/15 – 00:00 In Creation, Expression Arts> Music and sound Hello, Gabriel, Maiwenn and Lena have made music. Maiwenn played the xylophone, guitar and Lena Gabriel boxes.

Do you want to hear? Means Houdan 2015-2016 1 attachment Metal boxes For Preschool Rainbow sky 20/11/15 – 11:34 p.m. In Creation, Expression Arts> Music and sound is a picture of our boxes for music. Nathalie, the mistress of Small Vehicles Houdan.

2015-2016 1 attachment Ariel – guitar – tins For Preschool Rainbow sky 11/12/15 – 1:37 In Creation, Expression Arts> Music and sound We are small ways to Houdan. Our school is called Kindergarten Rainbow sky. This is music with Laure to Ariel, Clemence on guitar, and Noa plays metal cans. Clemence said it was to the guitar.

Noa said, it was nice to tap the boxes. Laura said: I like to do this music. In the end, they managed to stop without talking. The means 2015-2016 5 comments 1 attachment
By Claude Beaunis on 26/08/13 – 9:44 In: we do your assignment
Journal of Congress congress I am struck by the commitment, investment in the pleasure of the conference participants.

All come on their own time! Chapeau! Their presence, I feel like a militant act for a social project … Being hired as a “player”, “author” in a class or school Freinet is to enroll in a political project to create a better ” living together “to grow in each child a personal life (indoor) and collective (outside) where the other has value to him, to arouse the desire to seek, to invent, create and exist in the world . Children and adults come together to build a cooperative, peaceful, respectful of differences.

A big thank you to the organizers … Marie Christine Hay-Montaclair specialized educator and clinical psychologist Print Add comment
1 Result Results Printing at school No. 12 – March 1928 In: The Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers journal Teaching techniques> Printing March 1928 Authors: A. River, Freinet, J. Bouchard, Lavit, the Treis, P. Bordes and Pichot more

By Claude Beaunis on 08/26/13 – 9:01 In: Log congress Convention pedagogical techniques> class organization> Authority / File Attachment Size discipline Authority in the Freinet class 41.01 KB Print Add comment
By Claude Beaunis on 26/08/13 – 9:43 In: Log congress Convention On behalf of the Association of Physiotherapists of the National Federation of Education, thank you for your invitation to the 51st congress of the ICEM-Pedagogy Freinet.

Personally, this conference is a rich experience (and motivating for the near return): I met stakeholders and warm and available delegates who, in their diversity, all cultivate a passion for humanistic education. Compliments for the organization and the high quality of lectures and workshops. VARCHON F “representing the FNAREN” Print Add comment

1 result Results 54th International Congress of the ICEM – Freinet Pedagogy By Fabrice Ignazi on 09/08/18 – 5:45 p.m. In: GD 22 – Cotes d’Armor region Grand West> GD 29 – Great West Region Finistere> GD 44 – Great West Region Loire-Atlantique> GD 49 – Maine-et-Loire GD 53 – GD Mayenne 72 – Sarthe Great West Region> GD 85 – Vendee Gr Preparation ICEM Congress> 2019 Congress Angers. dates: 20/08 / 19 (day) – 08/23/19 (day) Location: Lycee Le Fresne – Angers 54th International Congress of the ICEM – Freinet Pedagogy in high school the Angers Fresne Contact: Add new comment know more

4 Results The New Educator 9 In: Living a grade> Kindergarten The International Educator New PEMF For teachers review> Summary Arts> Music and Science and Techno Movements> Freinet movement> FIMEM pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error teaching techniques> class organization teaching techniques> audiovisual techniques in May 1989 Brazil, nutrition education, Nantes lounge, USSR, USSR Authors: Andrew Lefeuvre, Eric Debarbieux Jean Le Gal, Jocelyne Foot, Marlene Boyer, Michele Fayet Pierre Guerin and Roger Ueberschlag Read more New Educator 37 In: Salon The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary Training search> training and research knowledge of child> training training and research> research pedagogical principles> experimental teaching techniques groping> class organization> part of the master teaching techniques> tools pedagogical techniques> individualized work in March 1992 Authors: Andrew Lefeuvre, Andre Mathieu, Britt-Mari Barth, Freinet, Chantal Nay, Christian Bizieau, Francois Le Menaheze Jean Le Gal, Jean-Claude Regnier, Jean-Francois Denis, Michel Albert, Patrick Robo Robert Boudet and Thierry Ballu more Gerard Chauveau 7th in Nantes salon: Salon for teachers movie, video training and research> r esearch November 1995 Author: Gerard Chauveau More How to build personal knowledge? In: Living edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review in November 1991 Britt-Mari Barth Doctor of Philosophy.

Lecturer at the Higher Institute of Pedagogy of Paris November 91 FAIR INDIVIDUALIZED AND PERSONALIZED LEARNING I.D.E.M 44 PEDAGOGIE FREINET Author: Britt-Mari Barth More
By Dorothy Virag on 08/30/16 – 11:31 In: report Internship pedagogy Freinet Cf Presentation Prezi – “Cooperation in Freinet” pedagogy Tree Root The historical roots Freinet – Montessori – Pestalozzi philosophical Racine … “bring life in school” child engine Desire considered a person invariants: a child is of the same nature Bias politics: Emancipation Freedom Autonomy educational Bias Responsibility the social model and cooperation Support: the rights of the child and the CRC (child’s right to decide for itself the things concerning the) natural method through imitation and trial / error trunk a group of students in a place (class / street) the goal is to meet the goals and objectives of IO.

The branches report to power Advice – the place of decision – establishment of trades and responsibilities The report to work: a real job that makes sense – the authorization process – collective elaboration of knowledge (ie living – lived and felt) the report to the others, cooperation and philo workshops – school open to the world’s relation to the law: the CRC and building rules of life’s relation to the environment (see BTJ) CR Valerie Da Silva Cecile Corvaisier Print Add comment
1 to 10 from 41 Results kindergarten Site No.

58 In: report Internship Site Publishing Kindergarten ICEM For teachers review mid Study Teaching Techniques> What’s new? teaching techniques> math research teaching techniques> exit, travel, tour in June 2013 More maternal Site No. 50 In: report Internship Site Kindergarten Editions ICEM For teachers review teaching techniques in March 2011 Read more maternal Site No.

49 In: report internship Site Kindergarten Editions ICEM for teachers review instructional techniques> class organization in March 2011 more Logbook of internship Sarzeau, organized by the Arts and Craft Sector in August 2001 in: internship creations PEMF for students for teachers review Arts Movements> Freinet movement> ICEM life> production sites pedagogical principles> term-creation in May 2002 online review creations No. 197 “board books” announced in the New Educator No.

197 – Publication April published in 2010 Creations No. 102 “Travel” in May-June 2002 Interns organized internship in August 2001 by the Arts and Creations sector ICEM More Life The I.C.E.M.

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